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Nina Ella Jonas

Born in Montreal, Canada

Lives & Works in Southern Maine


Artist, photographer, lover of animals, nature, and all things that rock my soul.  My paintings are merely an expression and reflection of the beauty, essence, and grace of life. The blending of colours expressed with simple brushstrokes  captures the true essence of what I feel and see.  It is often an innate and subconscious process - a letting go - with no need for boundaries, definition, reason or rigidity.  I simply paint what is in my heart, mind and soul at the time - an all encompassing expression of what brings me joy. 


McGill University BA, MA 

Dawson College Liberal Arts

Exhibitions & Galleries

Norway Savings Bank Colorful Solutions Exhibit

Stone Crop Gallery, Ogunquit

Kennebunk River Club 57th Annual Art Show

Surf & Turf Art Show Rivertree Arts, Kennebunk

Gallery At Morning Walk - Kennebunk



Maine Magazine 

Tourist News Kennebunk

ZEST Magazine


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